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Software providers should act as a Fast Brand

Seventy presents of the millennials are willing to spend extra to reduce their wait times for services they care about. They will shell out, on  average, 21 percent extra to reduce their wait. US adults willing

Software companies Yearly Check List

Digital marketing is no longer in its infancy. Most companies have taken part in it for many years. Though organizations and brands have embarked on a structured digital marketing program they have ignored the significant volatility

Millennials rule the software Industry ?

It’s difficult to say that any one generation “rules” a particular industry, as the software industry is made up of people from all different generations. While it’s true that many young people are involved in the

Should software providers run their own blog?

Many software companies still not Implemented a Content strategy . Why is it important to enter this content area Blog is an additional leg in the relationship infrastructure the brand builds with its customers. Without creating

The rise of Augmented Reality software solutions

Augmented Reality technology, has been with us for quite a few years, but it seems that  now it is making a significant step towards integration into product-business-marketing. This technology uses reality as is and allows it

The role of the Marketing Executive in software companies

Traditional functions such as marketing managers and creative talents are about to drastically change in the next few years. Strategic thinking, creativity, media buying skills etc., all these are not sufficient anymore. The new leaders in

Software providers should Invest in Co-Marketing

In the Software Industry – the traditional one-to-many advertising is not efficient. More and more companies and people determine that their advertising is ineffective and they are looking for different methodologies to be included in their

5 key parameters

5 Key Parameters for Software Evaluation

Selecting a new software solution for an enterprise is a high resource activity that may consume a lot of time and effort. In an ideal scenario, any new software, after implementation, should solve technical issues while

Customer Testimonials Work for Software

Testimonials – the personal testimony of a customer – is a creative format that has been an effective form of advertising for a long time. Customers who have a positive experience with a particular software application,

Define software requirments

Define Software Requirements Before You Buy

Purchasing enterprise software should be thought of as a science rather than an art. It should be a planned process with a well-defined objective, a beginning, and a definitive end-point. Practically every enterprise decision maker involved

Software evaluation is a must-have before you purchase

Software evaluation a must-have for purchasing

Enterprise IT departments have some tough choices to make when it comes to selecting new software for their organization. There is a wide range of software packages that you can choose from in practically every functional

Software comparison is a must=have

What is a software comparison?

If you are an enterprise looking to implement a new software solution for your business, then it may seem to be a very challenging task considering the wide variety of software solutions out there. The software

Software must be evaluated before purchasing

What is Software Evaluation?

The growth of the internet, greater computing power, and high levels of competition have all made it imperative for enterprises to be nimble and agile. This is all the more true when adopting new software for

Voice User Interface is the next frontier

Software needs a Voice User Interface ASAP

Just as graphics replaced characters-based command line interfaces, VUI – Voice User Interface represents the next phase of the human-machine interface odyssey. With the emphasis on all things digital, from social media to emails and apps,

SPQ - Social Proof of Quality

Social Proof of Quality vs Paid Advertising

Forget about traditional advertising. Think SPQ – Social Proof of Quality! People don’t care about what a software provider says about Itself. They care about what other customers when they feel passionate about their solution. 1.

“Passionate First” Software Marketing

The people who are passionate about software are the ones that matter when it comes to marketing software. They are the ones who do the comparisons, read the analysis and are consulted regarding the purchasing decision.

Software Vendors Stop Using Paid Ads

Herbert Alexander Simon was a Jewish-American researcher in psychology, economics and philosophy of science at Carnegie Mellon University. He anticipated the direction that traditional paid advertising is facing these days: “A wealth of information creates a

The Topsoft scoring mechanism is based on a unique combination of technology, professional software testers and product analysts. The professional team focuses on product testing and collecting customer reviews for each KPI. This hybrid approach enables you to make the best decision when looking for a software provider.