About Us

We provide leading unbiased third-party software analysis based on a unique combination of comparison and evaluation technologies.

Who are We?

TopSoft is a software comparison platform that provides comprehensive evaluation reports based on unique comparison and POC technologies in addition to professional testers. We bring to the market a new, innovative way of choosing the right software solution and are part of prytek.com – a leading multinational technology group.

How we Work?

Unlike other software comparison platforms – our evaluation is based on professional analysis not solely on customer reviews. We leverage unique patented technologies and methodologies – that help evaluate and compare software solutions in parallel using defined evaluation criteria from both business and technical perspectives. Our deep mirroring technology for data, API calls, and traffic, enables practical evaluation including simulation and prediction of scalability for any software application. At the end of this process, customers can get a detailed report that refers to all relevant KPIs and enables them to compare all their software alternatives in a very efficient manner.

Who are our Customers?

Whether you are a business that is looking to purchase a software solution or a software analyst working for a venture capital firm, TopSoft is your answer– the world’s first platform that provides a detailed multi-parameter report about any software in the industry. We also work with established and startup software companies to test their solutions on our platform and provide a credible third-party report regarding their strengths and weaknesses, as well as one-on-one comparisons with key competitors. TopSoft is also the place where software vendors can get their solutions in front of relevant potential customers. Whether you are an analyst, well-established or startup software company – why not start a conversation with TopSoft, the platform that offers the most comprehensive evaluation of software packages available online today.