“Passionate First” Software Marketing

The people who are passionate about software are the ones that matter when it comes to marketing software. They are the ones who do the comparisons, read the analysis and are consulted regarding the purchasing decision.

1. Marketing to a Micro-segment

The idea of targeting a micro-cluster of passionate software connoisseurs underlies a new concept that attempts to increase sales by concentrating all marketing activities on one micro-segment. 

This focused methodology dedicates that every dollar of the marketing budget is dedicated solely to this segment. Why? Because they will spread the word. That’s what passionate people do.

There are many folks out there, who don’t necessarily work with computers, who are nonetheless passionate about software and the opportunities for innovation that it offers. They are the ones who can make software go viral.

2. Concentration of resources

Conventional wisdom might say that there is some risk in throwing all your marketing eggs in one basket. Still, there are many compelling reasons why concentrating software marketing resources on a passionate sub-section of the target audience is the right strategic move resulting in improved marketing ROI. 

Here are just some of the reasons that many companies are considering directing more of their marketing budget to target the people who are most passionate about their products and services:


Reason Benefit
Product Feedback This target audience will try your software products
Loyalty They also have the best chance to become returning customers
Recommendations The passionate will read your content and forward to their contacts
Social Awareness They will follow your social network activities and pages
Redistribution They will distribute your content (this is a field they are passionate about)

The Passionate sub-sector is usually open to trying out new products and purchasing upgrades with reduced price sensitivity

It will be much easier to make them your product evangelist and promoters, provided that you recognize their value and invest in creating a mutually beneficial relationship. This might include, sneak-previews of new versions, invitations to company events or online coupons.

3. Locating the audience

At first glance, it might seem daunting to identify a sub-category of those who are passionate about a specific industry. Thanks to social media, groups and Google search results, however, passionate people can be identified by their posts, groups they join and the popularity of related keywords.

There are also forums dedicated to specific interests with sub-groups and discussion boards. These are the places passionate audiences can be found.

Outside of the public sphere, each company should do its best to locate the most passionate people in its own audience through interactive communications such as polls, contests and reviews.

Implementing the strategy

If you are convinced that passionate targeting is the way to go, then it’s important to consider how to implement your Passionate Segment First strategy.

Following these basic steps will help take your Passionate strategy from theory to reality:

Content Creation

Keep in mind that the passionate segment is knowledgeable about your industry. You must ensure that your content is both informative and engaging to an audience who is already familiar with your brand and product.

Audience Location

As mentioned previously, social media is the best way to find the passionate audience you seek. If its consumer-oriented, then do a search on Facebook for groups associated with your particular industry. Likewise, B2B audiences can be identified by the groups they join on LinkedIn. In both cases, forums on Reddit and independent platforms are also great places to connect with the passionate sub-sector of your audience.

Digital Marketing Plan

Once you have the content and have located where your passionate audience hangs out, it’s now time to implement a digital marketing plan consisting of providing quality content for your audiences that is promoted in the locations you have identified. You can also bolster this organic approach with paid advertising (PPC) across multiple platforms.

Awards & Incentives

Your passionate audience is the best ambassador so it is important to keep them happy. One way of doing this is through awards and incentives. Awards can be given on the basis of how many training courses a customer has completed or how many reviews they have submitted. Incentives might include online coupons for every customer who introduces a friend to the service.

4. Conclusion – Passionate First is NextGen Marketing

While it might be hard to imagine marketing to such a loosely defined sub-audience today, we should remember that until recently marketing consisted of giving the same exact message to everyone via mass media such as TV, radio and newspapers.

Now we have gone beyond personalization, with micro-targeting of segments and subsegments of our target markets. At some point, professional marketers will realize that the best place to market, is to the people who will do the marketing for you. That’s what the Passionate First marketing strategy is all about. 

Be the first to dedicate your software marketing efforts to the “Passionates First” micro-segment, by delivering content that adds value and providing them with special offers. In the end, you will see it pay off.

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